I have spent large portions of my life embellishing my surroundings..from whole rooms to every vehicle I’ve owned (even “tricking out” my own cremation urn that reads “Does this make my ashes look big” on the back)…transforming the mass mundane into celebration of the individual.

My work (whether sacred or secular) is imbued with joy, sparkle, beauty and an ironic touch of humor.

The use of nontraditional art materials and non mainstream trajectory (having been a road warrior musician for much of the time others may have been in school) speaks to my self taught status in the art universe. Much of my work is based around the beauty and meaning of sacred objects. The spiritual connection of art and object is a constant source of interest and art making. My travels around the country and the world have been a profound source of information and inspiration. Telling visual stories, making visually compelling beautiful work is a passion and an honor.